API Documentation

class openapi_toolkit.OpenAPI(filename, spec)

OpenAPI Specification Manager

find_input_schema(path, method, content_type)

Searches for a request body schema by path, method, and content_type

find_path(path, method=None)

Searches for Path data (incomplete)

classmethod load(filename, preprocessor=None, resolve=True, validate=True)

Loads an OpenAPI Specification from a file


Save the loaded OpenAPI specification to a file

class openapi_toolkit.JsonSchema(formats=None, validators=None)
validate(schema, value)

Validates a value against a schema defintion


Decorator to add custom JSONSchema format checkers


@schema_format.checks('uuid', ValueError)
def uuid_format(value):
    return uuid.UUID(value)
class openapi_toolkit.MakoPreprocessor(directories=None, module_directory=None)

Mako Preprocessor Handler


Contractual handle method